Submissions Terms & Conditions

1. Ownership and Copyright

Do not submit any files that are not your own creations, unless you have consent from the original artist. You should also be sure not to use other creator's bases for your own work without gaining their permission first, and properly crediting them. Any submitters sending work that is not rightfully their own may have all of their work removed from The Sims Resource and be banned from submitting in the future.

2. Hosting and Distribution

By submitting files to us you agree to our Terms of Use and are giving us (The Sims Resource) permission to host these files permanently (even if you choose to close your account with us) and to be distributed via any media (electronic or physical). Files sent in a different format than those specified above may not be used on the site due to the amount of work involved building previews and correcting errors. If you want your work featured here, please take the time to submit it properly.  

3. Exclusive Designer Brands

The use of exclusive designer brands is not allowed in any shape or form on this website due to copyright infringement and using trademarks without permission. Submitting such material will result in deletion of said content and may result in the closure of your account.

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