Reporting a faulty or inappropriate download

To report a download, you can click the Report this Download button immediately beneath the screenshots.

You can report content if, for example:

  • it doesn't work
  • it's inappropriate or offensive
  • it doesn't look like the screenshot in the game
  • it's a copy of someone else's work
  • it requires other content but the creator hasn't specified this
  • it infringes copyright

Important!  Before reporting someone's work for not working correctly, please do check the artist's notes, description AND list of required items.  We do check submissions before they're published and so, most times, the item isn't working because it's missing a required item.

Sometimes, a game patch will break an entire category of content across the community.  We've had a few already (windows that no longer have a wall cut-out for them, chairs that could no longer be sat on).  While we can't always do this, where possible we create and run a patch to update content right across our servers, and also add a batch-fix tool into TSR Workshop so that users can also run the fix on their own content.

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