Obtaining support

We have a team of friendly people who dedicate a lot of time to helping customers every day of the year.  

The best way to obtain help is simply to raise a support ticket with us.  Note: you need to be signed into your TSR account to use this feature.  There's No big form to fill out - just tell us what help you need with.  A reply will be sent back to your in-box in the support center and also mailed to the email address you use for your TSR account.  

If you can't access the Support Center (for example: if you've forgotten your TSR password or cannot sign up for an account, you can also send us a direct email to support@thesimsresource.com.  

Please remember: our staff take on support roles for the love of helping people.  Please be kind to them as they will be doing their absolute best to help you.  We know some issues (like not being able to login or not being able to make a payment) are super-frustrating, but we'll do all we can to get you up and running as soon as we can.

Note: we have a zero tolerance policy on abusive behaviour towards our staff and will ban permanently anyone behaving like that.

Response times

Our current response time is shown in the Support Center using green, amber, red - with a good service generally meaning you will receive a reply in and around 24 hours - often much less (weekends can be slightly slower).

When we have site issues as shown in our Service Status page, response times can be much slower because we will receive hundreds more tickets than usual.  We will answer (we always do) so please be patient as we're only a small team.  We're proud to say we usually operate on green, but here's a key to the waiting times you can expect:

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