Does TSR pay artists?

In short, yes, we pay all creators who are awarded one of our artist badges!  

So that we can bring you the community's very best content, we keep some 200 or so badged artists supported for what they continue to bring to our site daily.  We don't expect them to do that for free.  It works well for everyone:

  • it lets people earn some extra cash from their hobby
  • it encourages people to keep creating for a game they might no longer play
  • it ensures our site offers more of the best content than any other site
  • it ensures we have in the region of 700 new downloads every single week!
  • and, instead of you having to pay individual artists, one small payment gives you unrestricted access to all content from all badged artists the moment it's released

What do they earn?

Everyone is paid individually based on:

  • the type of content they create (for example, retexturing a floor tile or creating a new hair mesh will attract very different pay rates)
  • the skill level of the artist
  • the quantity and quality of their work (we reinforce EA's standards for texture sizes and polygon counts)

Select Artists are paid a small amount as they're just starting out on their artist journey and can typically reach around $200 a month, but everyone who becomes a Select Artist does so because we've seen their potential as a Featured Artist one day.  Featured Artists are paid more, and can earn well in excess of $1000 or more a month if active.

To read more about our badged artists and how to become one, see Becoming a badged artist.

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