Can I delete my uploads?

When you upload any creations at TSR, you are asked to agree to our terms and conditions where we state explicitly that we reserve the right to keep your creations published on any medium, and that by accepting these terms and continuing your upload, you agree to this.

There are several reasons for this.  Your content might have been used as a dependency in someone else-s creation such as a lot or a Sim, and you deleting the creation will break an unknown number of other creations.  You might have too many creations (they each have to be removed manually, one at a time), or you might be a badged artist in which case you already received payment for the content.

There are exceptions (for example: where the upload has been broken irretrievably by a game update) where we will remove content, or where the creation (for example: a lot, room or Sim) would definitely have no other creations depending on it.  If this applies and you only have a small number of affected creations, please contact the Support Center with links to the content you wish to have removed.

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