Why have I been banned?

We don't ban lightly or frequently, but we need to keep this community a safe and pleasant experience for all users, and protect the interests of our artists and our own business.

The following list is not exhaustive, but will give you an idea of reasons why a ban might have been issued:

  • trolling, bullying or harrassing another member
  • uploading non-PG13 profile images or screenshots
  • criminal behaviour such as performing a chargeback after using VIP or making any other purchase
  • attempting fraud by disputing not to have received VIP service when you've made extensive use of it
  • stealing another person's work and claiming it as your own
  • using credit/debit cards reported to be stolen
  • hosting our content elsewhere without the creator's permission (linking back to the creations on our site is fine - we only ban for hosting the actual files elsewhere)
  • using inappropriate, inflammatory or wilfully discriminatory language
  • using your account for selling or marketing another product, service or business not related to The Sims
  • being abusive to any of our staff

If none of these reasons apply and you have no idea why you've been banned, it could be you're using a VPN (Virtual Private Network - a tool such as Nord VPN, CyberGhost and HideMyIP) to access our site, and the IP address used by your VPN has also been used by someone else who HAS been banned!  We recommend disabling your VPN to avoid this, but do contact us if this is a problem and we'll investigate.  Please email us at support@thesimsresource.com with your account username and we'll look into it.  

Note: some browsers such as Opera offer their own optional VPN.  Check this isn't enabled if you can't access your account due to a ban.

How we ban

We will block:

  • access to your account
  • any email addresses we have on record for you
  • any IP addresses you have used to login
  • any payment methods you've used to pay for any of our services


We know mistakes are made and things can go wrong.  For example: sometimes people will dispute not receiving VIP because they're unknowingly signed into another TSR account without VIP, didn't realise they could seek a partial refund or didn't realise that an image or language used might not be appropriate.  

We often lift the bans from people willing to work with us and remedy the wrong act (for example: repay a chargeback, apologise to the person(s) injured by any innappropriate language or behaviour.  This depends entirely on the extent of the harm caused and how much of a risk we deem you to be.  We review each situation on a case by case basis.

Being banned means you will no longer have access to our Support Center, so please email us at support@thesimsresource.com where our team will work with you in confidence.

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