Ad-block detection fixed! (16 June 2022)

We've been making a lot of site improvements just lately.  One of those is that our pages now load instantly!  Unfortunately, by improving that, we broke our own ad-block detection code!  Basically, pages are now loading SO fast that the ad-block detection code runs before any adverts have even had time to load, so the code sees no adverts and assumes therefore they must have been blocked.

We're so sorry about that.

We've now changed that code to work in a completely different way and it won't cause false ad-block detection any longer.

HOWEVER, this fix doesn't always work without a bit of help.  You might need to do two things:

  1. Perform a deep-refresh of the page.  To do this, press the Ctrl and F5 keys at the same time.  The basic refresh (F5 only) won't be enough.
  2. Delete all your TSR cookies as it seems some of these seem to remember that (mistakenly) you were blocking ads. We've provided help so you only delete TSR cookies, and not ALL sites.

If by chance this fix doesn't work, then there could well be something else going on.  Please see our full ad-blocker help article for more tips.

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