Finding the content you used in your lots, rooms and Sims

How to create and find the files...

When you want to share a Sim, room or lot with TSR, these are the steps you need to take to create the files.  Note: for Sims, make sure only the Sim you wish to upload is in the household (we cannot accept entire households in one submission)!

  1. Save your Sims household, room or lot to your personal Gallery
  2. Open the Tray folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray)
  3. Sort it into Date modified order (click the words Date Modified until the small triangle points downwards, meaning the date order is 'descending' with newest files listed first).

  4. Your latest save to the gallery will be the files with the most recent date and time.  All files of the same date and time will be required.

Files required

This is a guide to the files you will find in your Tray folder.  Note that there might be multiple copies of some file types.  This is usual and you should include them all:


  • householdbinary
  • trayitem
  • sgi
  • hhi files


  • trayitem
  • blueprint
  • bpi files


  • trayitem
  • room
  • rmi files

Add all the needed files to a single zip file.  You can also add all the screenshots you wish to include with the upload (or you can add them later).  And that's it!  Your Sim, room or lot is now ready to be uploaded.

Note: please don't include any other files such as custom content.  If you have used content from The Sims Resource, our upload service will create the links automatically.  If you've used content from an external source, you'll be able to add the links to this yourself in the submissions form.  Files containing anything other than images and the above-listed files will be rejected.

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