Polygon Count Limits

Below are the maximum ranges we accept for uploaded 3D meshes.  See Meshes and polygons to see why we choose these limits.

LOD = Level Of Detail as shown in TSR Workshop and other tools.  There are four levels ranging from 0 (highest) to 3 (lowest).   Note: we adhere to Electronic Arts' own polycount standards for Maxis Match (we've allowed slightly higher for more detailed Alpha content) and will not accept content breaking those guidelines.  

Creation type



Maxis Match

Clothing Tops and bottoms LOD0 15,000  
    LOD1 10,000  
    LOD2 6,000  
    LOD3 3,000  
Clothing Full outfits LOD0 30,000  
    LOD1 17,500  
    LOD2 8,000  
    LOD3 3,000  
Accessories All - jewellery, hats etc LOD0 5,000  
    LOD1 3,000  
    LOD2 1,500  
    LOD3 750  
Footwear All LOD0 8,000  
    LOD1 4,000  
    LOD2 2,000  
    LOD3 1,000  
Hair All LOD0 50,000 35,000
Build/Buy Objects Per in-game tile * LOD0 2,000 n/a
    LOD1 ~50% of LOD0 n/a
    LOD2 ~50% of LOD1 n/a

* Object polycounts are set per in- game grid square (floor tile).  That means a 3-tile sofa can have an LOD0 limit of 3x 2000 (ie 6,000 polygons) etc. The height of the item is not considered.

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