EA policy change (02 August 2022)

Electronic Arts recently announced a revised position on charging payments for mods which sparked a bit of confusion in the community.  

Happily, they've cleared it up, and so we wanted to answer questions you might have about early access and VIP...

Early access

As stated in EA's official policy, we ARE able to continue offering early access to our VIP supporters (for a reasonable amount of time that was deemed to be around 21 days or so).  Most of our early access content will remain locked to all users for just 7 days before being  released to everyone (occasionally there might be a slightly longer period but our normal early-access time limit is 7 days).


VIP remains unaffected.  TSR does not charge for mods.  ALL our mods are freely available to all users (including any releases that are initially early access) and we will continue with that.  You do not need to pay VIP to access any of our downloads.  

VIP is a service where you get to support us and our artists (yes, we pay all our badged artists for providing us with top content) and, in return for your support, we give you:

  • an advert-free experience
  • fast downloads without delays
  • exclusive early access to new many of our top releases
  • one-click downloads with all required items included
  • infinite scrolling
  • the popular download basket
  • our very own Custom Content Manager
  • access to our exclusive VIP-only Discord channel where you may meet your favorite artists!
  • access to your full download history
  • ability to mark favorite downloads

...as well as a few other VIP features in the works!  More on those soon!

VIP enhances your site experience for the small price of one cup of coffee every month, and you get the satisfaction that your money contributes to the money we pay our artists and keeping us in business to be the ONLY site still servicing downloads all the way from the very first Sims game to the present day.

You can join our VIP program either as a subscriber or by buying a once-only month.  You can also gift VIP to a friend or loved one with our gift cards!

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