TSR CC Manager - giant archives bug

Note: this article ONLY applies to download archives that were made in the earlier TSR CC Manager 1.11.  The bug has since been fixed in later versions.

What is it?

We call it the Giant Archives bug, and what this basically means is that the archives that the CC Manager is making in your TSRLibrary folder are not being divided into small archives, but instead one giant archive is being made.  The bigger the archive, the harder it is for CC Manager to deal with it, until in the end, the CC Manager either freezes with a white screen or gives "Out of memory" errors.

Who does it affect?

The bug ONLY affects people who are uninstalling and then reinstalling content inside the CC Manager.  In other words: moving content from the LIBRARY tab to the DOWNLOADS tab or vice versa.  Any content you download direct from the site is unaffected and works correctly.  In fact, part of the fix is to download a single file periodically which will force the CC Manager to start a new archive.

How do I know if I'm affected?

Locate your TSRLibrary folder.  This is usually found in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\TSRLibrary.  You might need to switch the VIEW mode of your folder so you can see the file sizes (in Windows, with the folder open, choose VIEW at the top, then choose DETAILS).

The files in there should be around 250,000 to 300,000Kb in size (250-300Mb).  If they are, you're unaffected by the bug - all is fine.

However, if your files are significantly larger, say 1,000,000Kb (1,000Mb/1Gb) or more in size, that's becoming too big and the CC Manager will start to struggle.  We have seen archives in Support that are tens of gigabytes in size, so you won't be alone if you have some huge files!

How do I fix it?

  1. Open the CC Manager
  2. select the LIBRARY tab 
  3. select all downloads and uninstall them.  This will move them back to the DOWNLOADS tab.  
  4. Click the DOWNLOADS tab and reinstall them.  CC Manager will rebuild the archives correctly, with none greater than 500Mb.
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