How to copy categories and tags

Which copy should I use?

If you're editing a set of items, you can copy the categories of one item to any number of other items in your set.  There are several ways to do this and you can use any, but there is a slight difference in how they work to give you full flexibility of what you copy:

Use Copy to all if:

  • you've set up categories and tags for one item
  • you want to copy them to every other item (great for sets where everything is the same creation type such as windows)

Use the Copy to selected button if:

  • you want to copy one item's categories and tags to multiple other items in one click, or
  • you want to copy additional tags on top of those already set on individual items

Use a simple copy/paste from one line to another if:

  • you want to copy to one item at a time, or
  • you want to exact-copy (ie remove any categories or tags that were previously set on the item)

Note: when using Copy to selected, the item you're copying will need at least one category and two tags already set.


Using the 'Copy to selected' button 

Use the Copy to selected button if you want to copy one item's categories and tags to multiple items in one click.  Note that this method does not replace any tags already set on items.  It will just copy the extra on top.

  1. First, set up the categories and all the tags you want to use on one item in your set.  Remember: you will need at least one category and two tags before you can copy.
  2. Scroll to the other items in your set and tick which items you want to copy to.  

  3. Click the Copy to selected button.  This will list all items that currently have categories and tags set up, so select one item you wish to copy from...

  4. The popup will then ask you to confirm that you want to copy to [x] number of items in your set (depending on how many you ticked)


Or use simple copy/paste from one line to another

Each item in your set has a small copy/paste menu (three dots).  You can copy any line's tags from one item to another by using this copy/paste menu as shown below.  Warning! This method DOES replace any previously-set tags...

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