TSR CC Mananger won't update some content

Sometimes (and we don't yet know why), the CC Manager is not always able to update a file that needs updating.  There is a workaround to update the content manually.

Note: TSR CC Manager requires VIP membership to support updating content.

VIP members - how to update your CC Manager's content manually

1. Open the creation on the TSR website

To do this, expand the item that can't be updated in the CC Manager.  Beneath the description text there will be a link View on TSR (see image below).  Click this link to open its web page so you can easily find the creation.  Note: if there is an error or the file doesn't exist, this will be why the creation cannot update.  You'll need to contact our submissions team to report this (it's possible the creation has been moved elsewhere, but occasionally content has to be taken down permanently because it's broken or breaches copyright.  If the content has been removed, see What to do if I can't update? below.

2. Uninstall your copy in the CC Manager

Now that you have the creation's web page open, you now need to remove your existing copy from CC Manager.  If the creation is on CC Manager's LIBRARY tab, click UNINSTALL.  This will move it out of your game and back to the DOWNLOADS tab.  Then, from the DOWNLOADS tab, click DELETE.

3. Download a new copy

Finally, return to the web page you just opened in step 1, and redownload the creation with TSR CC Manager.  You will now have the latest copy of the creation and the update warnings should disappear for this creation when using CC Manager in future.

What to do if I can't update or I don't have VIP membership?

If the content is no longer hosted on our site or you no longer have the option to download content direct into the CC Manager, you can:

  • contact our submissions team to see if the creatrion has been removed permanently
  • keep it in your CC Manager and ignore the update warnings
  • move it out of your CC Manager to stop the warnings, but keep the content loose in your Mods folder

To move content out of your CC Manager but still keep it...

  1. Open CC Manager and click on the LIBRARY tab
  2. Find the creation and click UNINSTALL
  3. Close the CC Manager - DO NOT delete the creation from your Downloads tab too!
  4. Open the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\TsrCCManager\sims4\TsrDownloads (change sims4 to sims3 if it is a Sims 3 creation)
  5. Find the creation in the listed files
  6. Move the creation from TsrDownloads to the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Once the mod is loose in your Mods folder, you can download a fresh copy to replace it if it still needs updating.

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