TSR CC Manager Updates

Update from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the RESET ALL button from working

Update from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3

  • Updated SSL certificates for 2023/24
  • Fixed a bug where, if the resource.cfg had been deleted from the game's folders, CC Manager's recreated version did not allow for some custom mods used in the community

Update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

  • Fixed the Giant Archives bug:
  • When moving files between the DOWNLOADS and LIBRARY tabs, the files were no longer being placed into small, individual archive files.  Instead, they were being packed into one huge archive sometimes many GBs in size, which eventually became game-breaking.
  • Fixed the white-screen/out-of-memory error when deleting files
  • We had an issue where deleting multiple files was not freeing up memory.  The process would become slower with each deleted file, until the CC manager either ran aground with an out-of-memory error or froze with a white-screen.
  • Fixed the 'package did not resolve to a single archive' bug
  • Sometimes, trying to remove or relocate a download would fail, and the log would show "package did not resolve to a single archive".  This has now been fixed.
  • Changing the default folders path: We'd previously locked the CC Manager to use documents/electronic arts/the sims chain of folders because of all the problems people were encountering when they tried to change this.  However, some users DO need to change the path, so we've opened up that facility again.

Update from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1

  • Problems with setting/restoring the path have been fixed. These problems were mainly showing up when in a previous version the path had been set wrong. Version 1.1.0 could in that case sometimes block the option to set the correct path.
  • Problems with installing sets have been fixed.
  • Sets should no longer cause double installs
  • Individual items from sets should no longer show up "stuck" under enabled or disabled
  • Moving sets back and forth between Installed and Uninstalled should no longer cause problems
  • If a complete set is installed through the CC Manager, they should now be either installed/disabled/uninstalled as complete set. It will no longer be possible to uninstall individual items if the complete set was installed (as this was the main cause of set related problems that have been showing up in the CC Manager). If items were directly on the site installed as individual items, instead of the whole set, than individually installing/uninstalling will still be possible.
  • Issues related to Sims, Lots and Rooms showing up wrongly under disabled have been fixed.
  • The error log section in the CC Manager will now directly link to the CC manager help page on the site. Contacting support can still be done from there, if additional help is needed.
  • The CC Manager should no longer keep searching for missing archive files (and keep mentioning them in the error log). When they are now marked for deletion by the CC Manager, they should be considered removed.
  • Problems with the "Install with CC Manager" option in the basket, if the basket had more than 200-250 items have been fixed. Installing a completely full basket should no longer give problems.

Update from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0

  • Double install of Sims 4 objects that are part of a set has been fixed.
  • If you still see some double items in game: open the CC Manager and to into the Sets category. Select all sets in the Library tab and Uninstall them. Then go the Downloads tab, select all sets you wish to re-install, and Install the items again.
  • Fixed several issues with path setting.
  • Fixed visual problem with the scroll bar (was hiding in some cases).
  • Fixed isses with the Repair function.
  • Changed "show enabled" and "show disabled" to checkboxes to make the function of these more clear.
  • Added Delete selected option in the Downloads tab.
  • Install and Delete buttons now showing both on top and at the bottom of the Downloads tab.
  • Added a Reset All option in the Settings. This will remove all downloaded and installed content from the CC Manager.
  • Warning: can not be undone! But re-download of files can of course always be done from your Download History page.
  • Old Import button removed. This button was added more than 2 years ago after the change from the old 0.2 Chrome app version to the 1.0 stand alone version, and was only intended to move files from the 0.2 to the 1.0 version of the CC Manager.
  • Known issues that may still show up:
  • When checking for updates on required items, some items may keep showing up in the list. This is an issue that still needs to be fixed on the site to make sure that the CC Manager will stop seeing an item as missing. It's caused by required items that are no longer available for download on TSR, which means that the CC Manager keeps seeing them as missing. The missing items will not cause any problems in the CC Manager or in your game, but you may notice that a Sims or Lot is not complete, since the required items are not availble anymore.
  • Some install issues with Sims 3 items may still show up.
  • Uninstall of the CC Manager still needs manual removal of the TSR CC Manager folder in c:/Users/(username)/Appdata/Roaming/  for doing a full clean install.

Update from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6

New features:

  • One-click download of required items from the site.
  • Abilty to check for and download/install missing required items for already installed CC in the TSR CC Manager.
  • Ability to check for updated CC files + automatic download/install of those files. CC Manager will ask for confirmation of downloading updated files.
  • Basket can make use of the CC Manager for download/install.
  • Mass downloading/installing from Download History.
  • Mass downloading/installing from Favorites.
  •  Individual items from sets will now show up in the individual categories and can also be disabled/uninstalled individually.
  • Disabling/uninstalling/installing the main set will perform that action for the whole set.

Bug fixes:

  • Rooms are now correctly installed.
  • TSR Archive files will now be unblocked right after installing/managing CC. This means that the game will no longer crash on start-up while the CC Manager has not been closed after using it for installing/managing.
  • Sorting on Download date and file size in the Downloads tab has been fixed.

Other updates:

  • New categories added.
    • Clothing – female – babies
    • Clothing – male – babies
    • Accessories – female – socks
    • Accessories – male – socks
    • Accessories – female – piercings
    • Accessories – male – piercings
    • Rooms
    • Rooms – kitchen
    • Rooms – diningroom
    • Rooms – livingroom
    • Rooms – bathroom
    • Rooms – bedroom
    • Rooms – office
    • Rooms - other
  • Better check for choosing correct path (will not accept path to Mods folder).
  • Warning message will show up when trying to install something while the game is running.
  • TSR Archive files will be blocked by the game, so installing is not possible.
  • The TsrDBSims 4 (3) folder and the TsrDownloads folder are moved out of the main Sims 4 and Sims 3 folder into the folder above that. This should avoid more users from manually removing those folders, which would cause the user to lose the ability to manage their installed CC.
  • Warning message will show up when a user tries to disable items through mass disabling that can’t be disabled (Lots, Sims, Rooms). These items can still make use of uninstall to remove them from the game.
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