Free Game Promotion

Shockwave partners with The Sims Resource

We've been given a great opportunity to partner up with to bring to you a choice of one of two free games!  

This is a limited time offer and a promotion we'll only be running on special occasions.  Once they're gone, they're gone!  Simply choose the game you want, purchase VIP and we will send you a link to your free game and a code to unlock it.  The game is yours to keep forever!


Downloading your game

Once you have received your free game email:

  1. Open the link to the game at Shockwave
  2. Click Download Free Trial
  3. Install your game!

When downloading, if you see a pop-up similar to this, choose OPEN... 


Unlocking your game

Now that you have installed the game, simply run it.  You will see this Shockwave launcher pop-up when you first run the game:

Simply enter the code we sent to you in the Unlock Game box as shown above!  The game will unlock and will be yours to keep forever.

Alternatively, if you're not sure whether you would like to keep or gift your game, you can opt to Play Free Trial instead, then unlock it only if you decide to keep the game for yourself.



How do I get my free game?  Simply select the annual plan and you will be presented with a choice of two free games.  After your payment has cleared, we will email the link and the unlock code to you.  DO check your email address is correct!  

I have both these games - can I choose another?  Unfortunately, we can only offer these two games at the moment but if the promotion is a success, we hope to repeat it in the future.

I've lost or didn't receive my code - help!  If your VIP purchase was a success but you didn't receive the email for your game, check your account settings (we'll list your game and code here too).

Do I have to choose a game?  No, you can opt out of receiving a free game before checking out.

Can I gift my game?  Provided you don't unlock the code yourself, you can donate your code and your download link to someone else.

I already have a subscription, can I obtain a free game?  While we can't backdate the offer, you can cancel your existing subscription and purchase the free game plan instead.  If you have time remaining on your current subscription, your new VIP will queue after your existing plan ends, or we can partial-refund your existing plan (we usually deduct $6 for each month used, then refund the balance).  You will receive your new game straight away, so you won't have to wait.

Can I keep the game after my VIP ends?  Yes, it's yours to keep forever!


About refunds...

If for any reason you would like to refund the purchase of your new plan before you use it, we regret we cannot also refund the cost of the game, so the value of the game (typically $6.99 USD) will be deducted from the refund we can pay you.


Obtaining help

  • If your query relates to your subscription, you didn't receive a code from us, or the code is invalid, contact us through the TSR Support Center.
  • If your query relates to registering at, installing the game or any other technical issues related to the game, please use Shockwave's contact form.
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