Gift Cards FAQ

Do I need a TSR account to purchase a Gift Card?

No, anyone can purchase a Gift Card.  You don't need to be a member in order to gift a subscription to a friend or family member who is.

Do I need to know the recipient's TSR account details?

No, just add their email address and they will receive the Gift Card code.  They can then login to their account or, if they don't have one already, sign up, and then use the card in our shop.

Can I use my Gift Card to buy something of higher value?

Yes absolutely.  Just add a payment method during checkout to fund the difference.

My Gift Card has a higher value than the subscription I want to buy

That's fine.  Whatever you don't use of your Gift Card we will add to your account as credit towards a future purchase.  We always use any available credit first before making any charge.

I've received a Gift Card but the code won't work

Don't worry, this can happen on rare occasions.  Simply contact us and we'll fix it for you.

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