TSR Staff - who we are!

Site Management

Site manager, head of product strategy, subscriptions management, site administration and customer support

Longest-standing Featured Artist, Queen of grunge, keeper of garbage, she's here to dirty your pretty little game. CSue is responsible for our product strategy and managing our customer support when she is not sifting through garbage.
Site manager, head of artist management and content strategy, submissions management and forum administration

Keeper of Artists, Mother to all, Game Changer team TSR, Queen of rules, The Answer Lady, Submission Guru. She has been a creator on TSR since early 2006. You can still expect an occasional new set from her, as creating objects is still a passion. 

Content and Marketing


MissCatSims - Marketing manager, social media & content
Queen of Social Media and of all things bloggish, keeper of memes, Social Media Marketing Princess. She keeps our simmers up to date and our bloggers happy. Enjoys quiet nights with slasher movies.
Audrey May – Head Forum Moderator
Hater of Trolls. AudreyMay has been a familiar member of the community for years and years and.....years. She has always exhibited kindness and "some" patience and is a welcome addition to our team. 
Sim_Man123 – Community Advisor, Submission Support
Helper extraordinaire! Always helping in the forum, Discord, and any place he sees a question. Out in the community he gives us all the help that is needed where it is needed. Sim_Man has been a part of the TSR community for many years.
Funnyaa - Forum Moderator
After gaining a lot of experience as a moderator on another site, Funnyaa joined The Sims Resource as a moderator. Always having her eye open for anyone who needs some help, she's a great addition to the moderator team. 

Customer support

Submissions support

Padre - Customer Support Lead
Leader of our talented and dedicated support team, Padre is also one of our longest-standing Featured Artists.  These days, he has his hands full keeping customers happy and a support team happy too!
Marychabb - Submission Support
Marychabb is a Featured Artist who also helps with lot submissions. She knows how to make a lot download for a user in the best way possible.
Simmiev - Customer Support Specialist
Talented clothing creator Simmiev has been making amazing creations for male Sims for some time now.  He's also been helping customers wrangle through every problem imagineable!
Darknightt - Submission Support
We all know Darknightt’s creations. He helps in Submissions handling CAS creations and backup support. Darknightt is a senior artist at The Sims Resource who is very knowledgeable in CAS areas.
Remaron - Customer Support Specialist
When not creating wonderful clothing for your Sims, Remaron is up all day and all night, determined to leave no customer unhelped.  We try to make her go home, but she won't leave until her work is done - and it is never done!
MSQSims - Submission Support
MSQ is a huge help in submissions handling all things Sims.  A long-time senior artist MSQ knows what it takes to publish a sim at The Sims Resource and make sure that a user has the least possible issues with sims downloads.
Pizzazz - Customer  and Discord Community Support
Pizzazz cannot do enough to help our customers, no matter what problems they have, and she brings rays of Texan sunshine to our VIP-exclusive Discord channel too!
ShakeProductions - Submission Support
Shake is part of the submission support where he helps check all things CAS. Shake is well known for his SHOES - we all love them!
MSQSims - Customer  and Discord Community Support
When not showing supreme brilliance in creating Sims or helping our artists upload their own Sims, MSQ is one of our superb support gurus who you'll also meet in our VIP-exclusive Discrod channel.
Rirann - Submission Support
Rirann is a Featured Artist who is well known for her lot expertise. She serves as a submission team member checking lots with our MaryChabb.

Site Design

Sabinarana - Product analyst UI/UX

Sabina's extreme talent is beginning to show as we're polishing our site with a brand new look.  We can't wait for more!

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