Submitting A Creation - Step By Step

Creator’s Corner

Welcome to the new TSR Creator’s Corner! This newly developed system replaces our previous Submissions System, and is geared to make the entire process quicker and easier to submit your creations.

Images may show pre-release text and/or graphics. Any images directly related to the submissions process will be updated as needed.

This guide is written in the order of which you go through the submissions process, so some topics may be mentioned in multiple places.

Starting A Submission

From the start page, click the “Proceed to next step” button. This will take you to the page where you will upload your actual content files, and any preview images you have made for it. 

First, select the type of creation you are uploading. 

  • Custom Content” refers to a creation that consists of only one single item - a single object, a hairstyle, a shirt, a wallpaper, etc. You can only upload one single .package file as Custom Content.

  • Set” refers to a collection of multiple package files that you wish to be distributed together as a collection. You can upload any number of .package files into a set. This can be either objects, walls/floors, or CAS content. A set must contain creations of the same overall type - you cannot mix objects and CAS content, or objects and walls/floors, for example.

  • Sim” refers to a complete sim created in-game in Create-A-Sim. 

  • Lot” is a house/building/venue/etc that was built in the game. Lots can be furnished or unfurnished.

  • Room” refers to one single room that has been built in game. Rooms should be furnished. ("Room" does not refer to a set of objects designed for a particular room. E.G. a dining room set, living room set, etc, should be uploaded as a "Set" instead.)

  • Mod” refers to Loading Screens, CAS Backgrounds, Scripted Objects, Poses, Careers, and other game-modifying content such as unlocked cheats, interface changes, etc.

When you select a type of content, you’ll see a list of requirements for that particular type of content appear in the File Upload area outlining what types of files can be uploaded.

An example of the files required when uploading a Lot.

Note that if you select “Set” as the type, then you’ll also need to choose a subcategory for the type of set it is. You can specify a type of room, clothing, hair, accessories, or miscellaneous. 

Uploading Files

Once you have your files uploaded, they will appear in the listing panel at the bottom of the page:

If you click on the “...” menu button on the right of a file, you can also rename it. By default it will show the name of the package file, but it’s recommended that you rename it to something closer to the name of the item itself.

Example: If my package file is named “myname_rosemary_bed110722.package,” I would change the name in the Creator’s Corner to be something easier to look at and search for, like “Rosemary Bedroom - Double Bed” instead. You want to make sure to keep the title clean and easy to read. While you are free to name your package files however you see fit, the on-site title of an item should not contain your username, a date, or excessive punctuation and/or special characters.

Uploading Images

For images, the native size they are displayed on site is 920 x 690. The largest size accepted is 1024x768.

An easy method for ensuring your images are the correct size is to go into your graphics settings in game, and set the game to run in a window at 1024x768. You can then take your screenshots using the “C” key and the resulting images will be the correct size without needing any adjustments.

Images saved in game with the “C” key will be stored in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Screenshots.

Image Errors

If your image exceeds the size limit, you’ll see it highlighted in red indicating an error.

If you hover over the red icon, you’ll see details of what’s wrong:

In the case of an image error, there is also an “Edit” button. If your image is too large, this feature will let you crop your image to fit the guidelines. 

NOTE: This feature does not resize your image, it only crops off the excess. If your image is rather large (such as 4k) then you may have to manually resize it in a graphics editor before uploading. 

Additional File Information

If you hover over the Info for a package file, the system will also attempt to extract the polygon count from the highest level of detail mesh within the package, provided that it has a mesh. The number of swatches will also be indicated.

If an item is a recolor, the system will display a small palette icon to indicate this.

The system will also automatically attempt to pull the Title and Description from the .package file you upload. If it is successful, it will prompt you if you want to use that information for the submission form:

You are, of course, able to say no if you wish to use a different title or description on site than what is in the file. 

If you say “Yes,” then it will prompt you to select from the uploaded files for which one you want to take the title from, and then a second similar prompt will ask which file you want to take the description from.

  • Do not include your username in the title of the submission. (Including your username in the submission form, which the site already attaches to your submission, can cause search engines to recognize this as “keyword stuffing” which will cause them to exclude your item from search results.)

  • Try to keep the title of your creation in standard, easily readable English.
    • “Tropical Living Room” is formatted as a proper title:
      • Username is not included.
      • Words are properly spaced apart.
      • No excessive punctuation or special characters

    • “username_MyNewCreation05092023” is not a good title:
      • It contains your username (which the site automatically attaches anywhere your content is displayed.)
      • “MyNewCreation” as one word may not be parsed correctly by search engines.
      • Avoid using punctuation such as underscores (_) or dashes (-) in place of spaces.
      • Avoid adding the date in your title, as this is also automatically displayed on site.

Once you have your images and files sorted, click the “Upload & start submission” button. Note that this button will be grayed out and unavailable if any part of the form so far is either empty or incorrect. 

This will prompt you to start the upload - if you have selected all of your files and images, go ahead and click “Yes.” (All information - included files and images - can be edited later on, so don’t worry about forgetting something.)

After that, you’ll be taken to a screen that simply confirms the upload was successful. From that screen, there are two options:

“Create another upload” will let you start another new submission, such as if you are uploading several individual submissions at once.

“Continue Submission” will take you to the next step of the currently in-progress submission that was just uploaded. This is the option we’re going to choose.

Editing Description and Images

This will take you to a screen that is very similar to the original upload screen. Here you can alter the title or description, or you can also add additional notes or credits to your content.

Note that you do not need to add yourself to the credits. Credits should be used in cases where other artists have contributed to your project in some way.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see any images you’ve uploaded as part of this submission. The first one listed will be the main preview that is displayed on site when browsing the download catalog.