My Submission was Rejected - What Now?

All content that gets uploaded to The Sims Resource gets individually inspected to ensure that the content has been made correctly, and that it is complete and functioning correctly within the game.

If any issues have been found with your submission, it’ll appear under the “Needs Attention” section of the Creator’s Corner. You’ll be notified of whatever the issue is, with the message appearing in the “Rejections” tab of your Messages. 

Both the “Needs Attention” and “Messages” section show a notification badge if you have anything new that you need to check.

Review, Correct, and Resubmit

If you have received a rejection, unless specifically noted, that rejection is not permanent. If you correct the issues that were provided, you can resubmit that creation for review again. Our Submissions Team will be happy to work with you on getting any issues corrected!

Rejections are handled on a per-submission basis, and there aren't any negative consequences for receiving one. However, if you continually re-submit a creation multiple times and are not making any attempts to correct any issues that have been identified, then that specific creation may receive a permanent rejection.

The first thing to do is to review the rejection message that you will have received. You can find this in your Messages section, under the Rejections tab.

Rejection Messages will appear here.

Once you've found out why your content received a rejection, the next step will be to resolve whatever the issue is. A rejection may be for some technical or functional aspect of the content itself, or it may also be related to the on-site submission of the item, or a combination of both.

If you have any questions about the rejection, or if you need help resolving it, you can reply directly to the rejection message you received. The Submissions Team can then provide clarification on the issue, resources/articles on how to solve the issue, or they may provide direct instruction specific to your submission.

In order to update your submission, you'll first have to Withdraw it. This can be done by either:

  • Checking it off from the Needs Attention area, and then clicking the "Withdraw" button, or

  • Clicking on the pencil-icon "Edit" button,

Once you have withdrawn the submission back to your Editing Queue, you can then replace the file(s) with the newly corrected version(s).

After any new files, images, or other applicable changes have been made to the submission in accordance with the rejection reason, you can then resubmit that creation!

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