How can I update a Published Creation?

In order to update a creation that has already been approved or published, you'll have to make a request for the Submissions Team to update that item.

To initiate an Update Request, find the submission you wish to update in either the "Approved" or "Published" section, and then look for the pencil icon on the right side in order to "Edit" the creation. This will prompt you that you'll need to make an update request:

Once you click "Yes" to confirm you want to make an update request for this item, you'll be prompted with a message window.

Update Request Form

Within this form, simply provide details about the purpose of the update, and/or what part of the submission needs to be updated.

For example, you might just be providing a routine update to make something compatible with the latest game patch. In other cases, if you want to update the Description or Notes of an item, you would provide the new text you want in those fields within your message.

Files and images can be attached to the Update request as well. If you've had to update the actual file for the content, make sure to upload it as an attachment. Likewise if you're updating or adding preview images.

Approved or Denied

All updates to content will fall under the same review process as a new submission. All images, files, and text will be reviewed to ensure that the submission remains appropriate for our site rating, and that the updated content is both properly made and actually functioning as intended.

If no issues are found with your update request, the Submissions Team will approve it, and you'll see that the update will be closed.

If any issues are found, the update will be denied, and similar to a content rejection, they'll send you a message letting you know what the problem is.

You can check the status of an update request by expanding the details panel on the item, and then looking under the Updates tab:

The update history of an item.

You can also cancel an update request by expanding the ">" details, provided that the update request is still in "open" status.

Once an update has been completed, users who have previously downloaded this item will automatically be notified in their Download History that an update is available so that they will know to grab the new file.

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