Creator's Corner: Quick Start Guide

The new Creator's Corner system has been designed to be simple and easy to use, with guided steps to follow in order to submit your content.

Starting a Submission

The first step will be to upload your files and images, and then provide a name and description for your Submission. Ensure that the title and description are in English. Do not include your username or the date. (The website automatically displays this information when the content is published!)

You can individually select your files and images, you can put them all in a zip, you can drag and drop them - there is no specific required method for getting the files and images uploaded.

Make sure you are not mixing different types of content! For example, objects and clothing cannot be uploaded into the same set.

Categories and Tags

After uploading all of your files, you'll have to make sure that you've set the appropriate categories and tags for each item.

If your submission is a single item, then you'll only have to do this for one item. If your submission is a set, then you'll have to do this for each individual file.

The categories best describe the type of content you've created - and note that our categories are more detailed and specific than what is available in the game.

Tags are then used to provide specific details, such as shape, size, color, material, etc.

Keywords and Requirements

Similar to tags, the keywords are individual words that you think apply to your creation to help it show up when people are searching the site. For example, if you've built a spa, "wellness" could be a keyword that you'd use in your submission. Do not put your username or the game version in the keywords. (Again, this information is automatically added when the item is published.)

If your content requires other content in order to function, you'll have to list those items here.

  • If they are on TSR, you can list them by Item ID number, which is found under the description for those items.
  • For off-site content that is not on TSR, you'll have to provide a link to the page from which the content can be downloaded. Do not link directly to the file itself.

You can also add recommended items, which can be used for things like other content that you've used in your previews, or other content that you've made that goes along with this content, but that isn't strictly required.

If your content requires any expansion packs, stuff packs, game packs, or kits, make sure to list them here.

Terms and Conditions

The final section of Terms and Conditions is where you can specify how others interact with your creation. You can choose to disable comments, you can choose if people are allowed you recolor your content, etc.

Lastly, if you have any miscellaneous notes about your creation, you can add them here.

Submit For Approval

The final step after filling out the details will be to submit it for approval! (Note that you can't "Submit" a creation until all sections are listed with a green "Completed" badge.)

While it's pending approval, the Submissions Team will review it to ensure that everything has been made correctly, and that the item is functioning as intended. if your item is approved, it'll move the "Approved" section with the date on which it will be published.

If any issues are found, you'll be notified and it'll be listed in "Needs Attention," and you'll receive a message explaining any issues that were found.

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