Can I remove my previously Published Creations?

Generally, no. However, the answer can vary depending on a few different factors.

First, know that in order to submit anything, you must acknowledge that you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions, specifically:

By submitting files to us you agree to our Terms of Use and are giving us (The Sims Resource) permission to host these files permanently (even if you choose to close your account with us) and to be distributed via any media (electronic or physical).

Due to the modular nature of how Custom Content can be used in other creations, or can even be based off of another creation, this can create a complex series of requirements between items.

For example, consider that Creator A publishes a hairstyle. Creator B then publishes recolors of that hairstyle. Creator C then publishes a sim that is using the original hair. Creator D then publishes a sim that is using the recolored hair. If Creator A decides they want to remove that hairstyle, that would effectively break the work of three other creators who were depending on that item.

As we have over 5 million pieces of Custom Content, and considering that we accept submissions from any and all of over a million monthly users, this chain of required items can grow exponentially! Removing one item can easily branch out into hundreds of other items that required that one original item.

For Featured Artists and Select Artists, as they are paid for their submissions, we do not allow the removal of any FA or SA content.

Legal Exceptions

There may be times when we are legally required to remove content, such as in cases of copyright and trademark claims.

Any content that has been removed from the site as the result of a copyright claim will be taken down permanently. Such content cannot be republished, and if resubmitted as a new submission, it'll be rejected.

If you wish to request someone else's content be removed because you are the legal copyright holder, please see this page.

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