How can I contact the Submissions Team?

The first step to contacting the Submissions Team is having a submission to reference. For clarity and ease of keeping up with inquiries, all messages to Submissions are connected to a specific creation.

A submission does not necessarily have to be complete when you contact the Submissions Team, it only needs to exist. However, it will be helpful to have any information that is pertinent to your inquiry completed for that creation.

To start a new conversation, you'll have to first find the creation within the Creator's Corner:

  • Editing Queue
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Approved
  • Published
  • Needs Attention

Note that you cannot initiate a message from the "My Creations" area.

Once you've found the item, click on the Details Arrow to expand the details panel.

At the bottom of the details panel, you'll find a Messages tab, along with a button to Contact Submissions Team.

This will then open the New Message dialog, where you can compose your message. Both files and images can be attached to the message as needed.

When the Submissions Team replies back to you, you'll find their reply in the Messages area, under the Inbox tab.

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