Texture Size Limits

The Sims 4 has set maximum texture size limits as defined by the graphicsrule.sgr configuration file, with smaller maximum sizes often being used for lower graphics. In accordance with those limits, we do not allow excessively large textures to be used in content.

Textures that are larger than any category/graphics level limit are automatically resized at runtime. This can result in lag and momentarily freezing the game if it has to resize a particularly large texture, but larger textures also drastically increase the file size of the content. (Textures are generally the largest part of a custom content file.)

All textures, with the exception of catalog thumbnails, must be specific multiples of 2. Valid dimensions are 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc.

Create A Sim

The default texture size for all Create-A-Sim content is 1024x2048.

If you are creating your content to be compatible with the HQ Mod, then the standard size increases to 2048x4096.

Objects (Build/Buy)

EA/Maxis objects are generally created at a scale of 1x1 grid tile being equal to 256x256 pixels. The overall final size of the texture is then determined in a way that compares the physical size of the mesh against the size of the UV shell so that any given area of the mesh is receiving that same texture density. At this scale, a 1024x1024 texture is large enough to cover a 4x4 area, or 16 square tiles worth of mesh surface.

We do not require that you use this same texture scale, but it may be of interest if you are trying to create objects in Maxis-Match style.

Regardless of Maxis Match or Alpha style, the largest texture size we allow for objects is 1024x1024.

Walls, Floors, Terrains

Similar to objects, these types of content are created at the same scale of 1 tile = 256 pixels.


  • Single-tile walls are all created at a width of 256 pixels, with the height varying depending on the wall height size.
    • Short: Created at 256x768, resized to 256x512
    • Medium: Created at 256x1024, resized to 256x512
    • Tall: Created at 256x1280, resized to 256x1024
  • Multi-tile murals are created in square aspect ratios, since their repetition rate matches their height
    • Short: 512x512 (typically repeats every 3 tiles)
    • Medium: 512x512 (typically repeats every 4 tiles)
    • Tall: 1024x1024 (typically repeats every 5 tiles)

Floors and Terrain

  • Single-tile floors and terrain paint that repeat every tile are created at 256x256.
  • Two-tile floors that repeat in a 2x2 pattern are 512x512
  • Larger floors that repeat in a 4x4 pattern are created at 1024x1024.

The largest dimension allowed for any wall, floor, or terrain is 1024.

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