Download delays

We know - no-one likes download delays.

Unfortunately, we HAVE to fund ourselves, but, with the best will in the world, relying on people's goodwill only sees around 2% of the revenue we need to keep afloat.  We have artists to pay, enterprise servers to fund, and a team of staff to keep the site running smoothly.  And to do all that we give people the choice: support us with a tiny subscription (less than one coffee a month), or allow our advertising partners to fund it for you so you don't have to pay at all.  We don't mind which option you prefer - and we thank you gratefully for whichever route you take.

For people who don't want to subscribe AND try to bypass the adverts, yes, we introduce a download delay similar to other download sites.  We do it because we hope you WILL support us by allowing adverts (we don't have many now) or subscribe for a short while (it's the only way we can keep the service running).  If not, then we keep server priorities for the people who DO support us.  We will allow everyone to download for free, but if you block adverts of the businesses who help keep us running and don't subscribe, it just means your server access will be limited.

We hope you understand.

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