Resetting the TSR CC Manager

Modding any game is wonderful until something goes wrong.  It might be a bad mod (we hope not, we check them all) or that one mod is not compatible with another, or perhaps your computer glitched during the install of a mod or the CC Manager itself, or you experienced a disk failure.  

One of the single, most common causes, is Mircosoft's Onedrive.  It's installed by default in Windows operating systems and takes control of your Documents folder by default, locking any files in it until they're backed up.  This becomes a real problem when TSR CC Manager downloads content.  As soon as the file is downloaded, Onedrive locks it, the CC Manager cannot access it and the installation fails part way through.

Before starting anything else, you should back up all TSR CC Manager's important folders.

If you are experiencing problems with your TSR CC Manager content and all attempts to fix the issues have failed, you can reset the TSR CC Manager entirely. 

WARNING!  This will delete all custom content from your game that was installed with the CC Manager and so will entail you having to download everything all over again, so only follow this advice as a last resort.

Try the RESET option in TSR CC Manager

  1. Open TSR CC Manager
  2. Click the SETTINGS button
  3. Click RESET ALL and follow the on-screen prompts

To clean uninstall the TSR CC Manager *

If resetting didn't solve the problem, then you might need to perform a complete, clean uninstall and reinstall:

  1. Open the TSR CC Manager and ensure both ENABLED and DISABLED boxes are ticked on the LIBRARY tab
  2. Uninstall EVERY download listed on the LIBRARY tab
  3. Click on the DOWNLOADS tab and delete everything listed
  4. Once the TSR CC Manager is empty of all content, uninstall it from your computer entirely
  5. Now uninstall the TSR CC Manager from your computer (your downloads will not be affected if you followed the above steps correctly)
  6. Go to the following location and delete the TSR CC manager folder from the following folder:Windows: C:\Users\[your-username]\AppData\RoamingMac OS: Users\[your-username]\Applications\ or [your-username]\libary\applicationsupport\ Note: you might need to  show hidden folders in Windows or MacOS if you can't find the folder.
  7. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts and delete any TSR CC Manager folders here:For Sims 4:
  8. Now open the folder Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4
  9. Delete any folder beginning with the letters "TSR" (for example: "TSRDbSims4")
  10. Open the MODS folder and delete anything beginning with "TSR" (for example: the TSRLibrary folder)
  11. Remove all other custom content in your MODS folder to a backup location elsewhere on your hard disk (not in your DOCUMENTS folder).  Only the resource.cfg file should remain.  If that is missing, the TSR CC Manager will create a fresh copy.For Sims 3:
  12. Open the folder Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods
  13. Delete any files or folders beginning with "TSR" (for example: the TSRLibrary folder)To finish:
  14. Start up your game to ensure it loads. DON'T save anything and don't attempt to play.

To install a fresh copy of the TSR CC Manager and your content:

  1. Go to the TSR CC Manager download page and download the latest version
  2. Set up the game paths for your game. These should be: - Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 - Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
  3. Switch to your LIBRARY tab. The CC Manager is now ready to use
  4. Go to your download history and download some items with the "Install With TSR CC Manager" button. The items should appear on your LIBRARY tab
  5. After downloading a few items, check them in your game. We recommend you use a game save or a lot you don't normally play for this so your normal game is not affected. Don't save the game - just verify that the content can be found in your game catalog.
  6. If all is well, download the remainder of your content with the CC Manager.
  7. Test your game.
  8. If everything seems fine, you can start restoring content back into your MODS folder from other sites.  Take care NOT to add any TSR files here.  Any duplicate will cause your game to crash!

* Note: TSR CC Manager does not create any registry entries so, if uninstalling does not work, you can simply delete the application folder as described in important folders.

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