Paywalls, EULA and terms of ownership

All of TSR's content is free and available to everyone.  None of it is locked behind a permanent paywall.

We do release early-access content for the benefit of our supporters (which can be offered between 7-14 days in advance), but that will always become freely available to everyone after a maximum 14 days.  This complies fully with Electronic Arts' EULA.

Why we offer this benefit to supporters

If you support us via VIP, you are paying for a service, not buying content.  We can't run such a large service for free.  With the best will in the world, if we ran it with a hope people would simply donate for nothing in return, most would not and we'd not be able to continue.  As a result, we offer a subscriber program and reward those who support it with advance access, advert free through our fastest download service - with extras such as the download basket and the Custom Content Manager.

This isn't mandatory and ALL of our files are freely available to all.


All assets belong to EA under their terms of use.  HOWEVER, all meshes, texturing and other work added to the package belong to those who created it, not EA.  You can share and copy a package file, but NOT the meshes and textures within it.  Sharing, duplicating or stealing a creator's work will lead to a service-wide permanent ban.

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