When we take payment

Regardless of the duration of your subscription plan, you pay at the start of each period.  

For the monthly plan, you pay each month until you cancel, the 3-monthly plan is paid once every 3 months etc - all the way up to the annual plan with a single payment at the start of each 12 month period.  Unless stated otherwise, ALL plans are subscriptions that will renew automatically until you cancel in your account settings.

Why are longer plans cheaper?

We pay fewer fees over the course of a longer subscription so we pass those savings on to you.  This is why the shorter plans cost a little more, with the monthly plan being the most expensive because they cost us a lot more. 

Date of payment

The payment date will always be the same day of the month as the date on which you made your original purchase (or as close to it as possible if you bought on the 31st of a month).

However, if you need to move the date by a couple of days, contact our Support Team.

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