Pausing OneDrive's synching

Before trying to install or uninstall custom content using TSR's CC Manager, it's really important that you pause OneDrive first!  Failing to do this can cause failed installs and broken content.  

The reason for this is that EA places all your game content in the Documents folder.  Unfortunately, OneDrive also backs up this folder and, as soon as new files land in a OneDrive folder, OneDrive locks the files so they can be uploaded to the OneDrive cloud.  With the files now locked, the CC Manager can't access them and the install fails.  However, you can pause OneDrive temporarily until you've installed your content.

To pause OneDrive:

  1. right-click the OneDrive cloud symbol in the status area near your computer's time... 
  2. from the OneDrive menu, click the settings cog in the top right corner
  3. click pause syncing and choose a duration

Removing your Documents folder from OneDrive's syncing process

Please see this Microsoft article on how to do this.  Removing your Documents folder will mean you can continue to enjoy the benefits of OneDrive on your PC without it meddling with your Sims downloads!

Unlink your PC from OneDrive altogether

If you find you don't have enough room on your hard drive, you might want to move your documents folder to another drive.  However, if you have Microsoft OneDrive syncing your Documents folder, Windows will not allow you to relocate the folder until you unsync your PC from Onedrive temporarily.

To unlink OneDrive, right-click the OneDrive cloud symbol in the status area near your computer's time...

Open Settings, then choose UNLINK THIS PC...

You will now be able to move your Documents folder.  You can then reinstall OneDrive once again.

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