Can I install the TSR CC Manager on a different drive?

The TSR CC Manager's application file is installed on your C: drive.  The file is tiny and cannot be installed anywhere else.

The content you download with it will be stored in your Documents folder, which is exactly what The Sims game uses to find installed content.  It's not possible to install your files anywhere else; this is just because the game was coded to use the Documents folder only.  So we have to put your content their too, otherwise the game won't find it.

Unfortunately, today's operating-system disk drives tend to be small and fast NVMe/M2 or SSD drives, and computers often have a secondary drive for data as a result.  However, Windows by default creates the Documents folder on the same disk as your operating system which is a problem.  It doesn't take long to fill that small drive with content, and then what?

The good news is you CAN move your Documents folder to another drive.  However, you can't just drag it to a new place (this can break Windows completely, so don't try that).  Instead, you have to use Windows' own 'MOVE' option on the folder.  

To move your Documents folder to another drive (advanced users only!)

You can move your Documents folder to another drive by:

  1. right-clicking the Documents folder
  2. choose PROPERTIES
  3. choose LOCATION
  4. if there is no mention of ONEDRIVE in the location address, click MOVE

A word of warning!  If you DO see the word ONEDRIVE in the existing location, you first need to unsync Onedrive from your PC otherwise the move will not work (you will receive a permissions error)... 

To unsync Onedrive, right-click the Onedrive cloud symbol in the status are near your computer's time...

Open Settings, then choose UNLINK THIS PC...

You will now be able to move your Documents folder.  You can then reinstall OneDrive once again.

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