What is the TSR CC Manager?

The TSR CC Manager is a free tool that can help manage your custom content (CC) you download from our site. It is available to all VIP members and you can download all content direct with the Manager, hassle-free.  The Manager also keeps your content updated automatically.  

Sims custom content files don't contain images, so we use names, images and descriptions direct from our site (this is why the Manager only works with TSR content) to bring you a colourful interface so you can see exactly what all your downloads are!  

Where can I get it?

Simply join our VIP supporters plan.  When you next download a creation, click the Download with the TSR CC Manager button, and the manager will be downloaded and installed for you.

Will the CC Manager read TSR files I've already downloaded?

Unfortunately, it can only know about the files it downloaded (it can't see files already on your disk because it takes all its information from the website as it downloads).  You can have the CC Manager manage those downloads instead by:

  1. deleting the original download from your documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder (this is VERY important - not doing so will lead to duplicate file conflicts which could crash your game)
  2. find the file in your Download History and use the TSR CC Manager to download it

What happens when my VIP ends?

You can continue to use the TSR CC Manager to manage all the content you've installed with it already provided you don't uninstall it completely.  The only difference is that:

  • you won't be able to download new content via the CC Manager (you'll need to place your files manually)
  • you'll no longer receive all-in-one downloads from the site (downloads with all their required items bundled together)
  • you'll no longer receive update prompts for updated content
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