How do I start using the TSR CC Manager?

Once you've become a VIP member, you'll be able to download custom content with our TSR CC Manager.

To use it, all you need to do is:

  1. Pause Onedrive (if using Windows) otherwise it will lock your downloads and prevent CC Manager from accessing them
  2. Find something on the site you wish to download
  3. click the Install with TSR CC Manager as shown below...

Once you've finished downloading and are ready to play, you can re-enable Onedrive again.

Required items

For newer content (anything made from October 2020 onwards, the CC Manager will check to see if there are any other required downloads from TSR and will offer to download those too!  

However, please always check the creation's Required Items in case the creator used content from other websites (the CC Manager can only download required items found on our site) or is using older content at TSR made before the CC Manager supported this feature.  If an item has Requuired Items, it will be flagged on the image as shown above).

The Library and Downloads tabs

The CC Manager has two tabs: Library and Downloads...

  • Library: this is all your custom content already downloaded and installed in the game
  • Downloads: this is content you've at some point uninstalled from your game, and is ready in case you would like to reinstall it at any point

If you wish to remove content entirely from the CC Manager, you uninstall it from the Library tab (this moves it back to Downloads).  You can then delete the file completely from the Downloads tab.

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