What is VIP?

VIP is our supporter premium service.  Anyone who helps us by buying a subscription or fixed plan receives an enhanced service in thanks for their support.

VIP pays for:

  • our ever-increasing list of Select and Featured Artists (we pay for every creation they share with us)
  • our enterprise-level server and database architecture to support the many millions of files we now serve
  • our small team of friendly staff who keep the site running, content flowing, the community safe and bring the best news and tips for your favourite Sims game

Without VIP (or advertising for people who prefer not to subscribe), we would not be able to run this service.

VIP benefits

VIP brings with it many benefits by way of a big thank-you from us:

  • instant access to every file, immediate
  • early access to some of our best content
  • first access to our special collections when we release them
  • fast downloads, without countdown delays
  • all-in-one downloads - no more looking for required items.  If your download requires other files, we'll find and download them automatically for you (only supports content made from 1 October 2020 onwards)
  • the download basket (why download 100s of zip files when you can download just one?)
  • early access to our magazines the moment they're released
  • use of the TSR CC Manager to save you all the bother of installing and managing your content

These are just a few of the features you unlock.  Click here for the full list!

How do I join?

There are two ways:

  • a subscription service for monthly, 3 monthly, 6-monthly or yearly plans (cheapest).  You can cancel renewal at any time, no obligation, in your account settings.
  • a fixed-term plan that won't renew at the end (no need to cancel).  These tend to be a bit more expensive, so it can be more worthwhile just to subscribe and cancel when you no longer need the service.

Visit our shop page to find out more!

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