Why we use advertising

Adverts are never popular, but they allow us to open our service to everyone (free and premium members alike).  We're an enterprise-level site with the high costs associated with running large data platforms and we have to find a way to keep the service funded and operational (see also How TSR is Funded).

We don't try to force people into subscribing to our VIP service, but we do still need to meet our costs so we allow advertising partners to cover some of those costs on behalf of our members who cannot afford or simply don't want to take advantage of our VIP service. This works well, and we hope you'll continue to support TSR and our artists either by treating yourself to a low-cost VIP account or by allowing a small number of adverts on our pages.

In 2021, we undertook to reduce greatly both the number and intrusiveness of adverts on our site and we hope now that you'll support us by allowing them.

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