Report a bad advert

Have you seen an inappropriate advert?  Maybe its content is not suitable for a PG13 audience, or the advert impedes the functionality or blocks part of our site content.  Whatever it is, please tell us so we can deal with it.  

Simply submit a new ticket with the following:

  • a link to the page on which you found the advert
  • a screenshot of the advert
  • if applicable, any impact the advert has on your ability to use the page.

If we ever do display an inappropriate or nuisance advert, we apologize because that's definitely not our intention!  We use Google as our advertising partner and, as such, we don't select the adverts ourselves.  Adverts often depend on tracking cookies on your device so you will often be shown adverts Google thinks you might be interested in based on your past browsing history, but there can be occasions where a rogue advert slips through and we need to review it.

We do take all reports seriously, but we might not always remove what someone might think is a "bad" advert. Site-skins or full site takeovers for example may take up a lot of space, but they are not what we consider a "bad" advert - in fact, they are typically a quality advert from a well known brand or advertiser.  The adverts we consider bad are those that fall outside PG13 standards, or those that prevent the site being used as intended - like obscuring text or making a link or button unreachable.

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