Ad-blocker disabled but the site still detects it

You've disabled your ad-blocker on The Sims Resource, or don't even have any ad-blocker installed, but still get warning messages on TSR that you are using an ad-blocker? 

This is a frustrating problem that is commonplace across the internet, and can be tricky to find the cause.    It is not something on our site and not something we can fix.  The cause is going to be somewhere on your device but finding it can be tricky because innate ad-blocking is now built into a lot of apps and services.  

AdBlock help 

Make sure you correctly pause blocking on our site... You will need to repeat this for ALL ad-blockers you have installed.  Many people have more than one without realising it, both as browser extensions and built into the settings of some browsers.  

If you are still receiving adblock warnings despite pausing AdBlock (or allow-listing The Sims Resource), this is a fairly common issue and there is an Adblock Help page to help troubleshoot.

Anti-virus apps/extensions

Some anti-virus apps also have advert or banner blocking built into them. The banner blocking from Kaspersky is well known for causing problems with the ad-blocker message showing up on TSR, as is the blocking software built into AVG, Avast and Norton (others likely have similar). Changing the settings for ad/banner blocking in your anti-virus app, or add * to the allowed sites in the ad/banner blocking settings of your anti-virus app should solve the problem.

Enable javascript

Make sure you have javascript enabled. Some ads might make use of this, and having javascript disabled could in that case trigger the ad-block message to show up. You can check the javascript status of your browser here:

Enable cookies

If you have disabled cookies, it can sometimes cause problems with specific ads showing up. If that happens, it can trigger the ad-block restriction. Enabling cookies in your browser or your anti-virus program should solve the problem.  Please DO also check your anti-virus!  Many have been updated to block adverts, popups and cookies without users even realising.  So-called safe browsing windows in particular can cause a poorer web experience by blocking site functionality.

Browser settings

Some browsers have build in ad-block settings that can block some of the ads that show up on TSR. For info on how to change those settings take a look at the link for the browser you are using:

Other apps/extensions

There can be many apps or browser extensions that have ad blocking features in them. Disable these apps or extensions and then try loading The Sims Resource again with a deep refresh (usually Ctrl F5).

If you use Firefox as your browser, you can make use of Firefox safe mode to find the extension that's causing the problem. More info on how to use Firefox safe mode can be found here:

Ads on other open windows being blocked

In a few cases, it seems that having another window open where ads are actively blocked can sometimes cause some ads to not load correctly on TSR, with the ad-blocker message as a result. This is a problem that just recently started to show up. We're not sure of the cause of this (TSR has not changed anything related to this). It might have something to do with a recent update of ad-blocker. But if this problem shows up for you, then please try again after closing the other browser windows.

Avoid opening our pages in  incognito mode or through any 'safe browsing' window as these also tend to act as advert blockers.

Try with a different browser

If the ad-block message is still showing up after trying the above, then also try with a different browser. For some people this seems to fix the problem. The cause is in that case probably a hard to find browser setting or an app/extension that doesn't look like it would do any ad blocking.

As a last resort, clear out all your cookies

As a last resort (if you've tried all the previous advice listed in the above links), some people have written back to us in Support saying that erasing all their cookies from their browser has cured the problem.

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