How TSR is funded

It's no secret - we depend greatly on subscriptions from our VIP service and from our advertising partners to keep our service running, but how do we use that money?

Firstly, we pay all of our top artists to support and thank them for bringing the best Sims content in the community, and they bring us around 100 new files every single day in addition to all the other uploads we're also proud to host.  That's 700 all-new downloads for your game every single week.

Secondly, affording the enterprise platforms needed to host literally millions of files needs a lot of money and you help us get there.  We've been the largest Sims community fan site for decades and we're still growing, and that requires investment and continual maintenance.  We started hosting content from 1999 for the Sims 1 and we still have all those files (because there are people still playing the earliest games).  We don't want to strip anything back and we take pride in supporting ALL Sims games (we're called THE Sims Resource for a reason)!  

We also keep a small team of friendly Sims-loving staff who:

  • ensure all uploads are safe, meet EA standards for The Sims and are PG13 friendly
  • bring news, magazines and other media about our favourite game, and keep our social media platforms thriving
  • keep the community safe by moderating comments, forums and other interactive areas
  • provide a friendly and always-available support team to help you every day of the week
  • invest time in designing, improving and building new features to make your site experience better
  • maintain the security and serviceability of our databases and servers

It does cost us to run a service like this, but we want to assure you we use your help in the best way possible.

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