Gift Cards

We now offer Gift Cards!  

You can now send your friends and loved ones a Simtastic present they'll love.  You don't need a member account to purchase a Gift Card - simply head straight to the shop and pick the card you want, fill out the details of your recipient, and that's all there is to it.  We accept most available payment methods.

Gift Cards can be used to purchase a renewing subscription or fixed plan.  They can be used in full, or just in part to cover the cost (the recipient will be given the chance to pay the difference if the purchase is of higher value).

To redeem a Gift Card...

Simply go to our Shop page and click Gift Card, enter the Gift Card's number and click PAY.

If the purchase you're making costs more than the value of your Gift Card, then you'll need to specify a payment method to pay the difference.

If the purchase costs less than your Gift Card value, the remainder will be kept as a credit balance for you to use on your next purchase.

Note: we cannot exchange Gift Card balances for cash.

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