Payment methods we accept

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • all major credit cards (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discovery and others) 
  • most debit cards (success depends on the issuing bank and whether they allow international transactions)
  • some Visa gift and prepaid cards (provided they support international transactions - unfortunately, many do not)
  • for a small selection of countries using the Euro currency, we are now able to accept Sofort, Ideal, BanContact, MyBank, Giropay and some other local forms of payment (for a single year purchase only)
  • Paypal if linked to one of the legitimate payment sources listed above or linked direct to a bank account

If you encounter difficulties making a payment because your cards cannot, for example, be used for subscriptions or for an overseas payment, one method guaranteed to work is to open a Paypal account and transfer money into it in advance, then use Paypal as your payment method,  This will always succeed, and removes banks from the process completely.

We regret that we cannot accept payments by direct bank transfer, eCheck, Cash App, Amazon Pay or iTunes Payment at this time


Many payment errors are misleading.  Errors such as "insufficient funds" often only means that the card doesn't have overseas transactions enabled, and a particularly common one "Do Not Honor" means the bank thinks the transaction is too unlike your usual spending pattern and so has blocked it in case of fraud.  These problems are very common and can be put right quickly by contacting your bank.

For more details, see our Payment Problems page.

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