Unable to enter card information, buttons not responding or Paypal button missing

If the buttons aren't doing anything or buttons and form fields are missing completely, something on your PC is blocking them. 

The most usual causes are "safe browsing" windows opened by tools such as Kaspersky and Norton plus others.  These intentionally block payments to any site that you haven't listed in their trusted lists.  If any app offers to open 'safe banking' or any other kind of special browser window, opt instead to use a normal browser.  You will need to add www.thesimsresource.com to your list of safe sites in these applications, or if that's not possible, close all browser windows, disable the product temporarily, then sign back into our site.

AVG has its own pop-up blocker that we've seen block some payment button functionality.  Please disable this before trying to purchase a subscription if you find buttons are not responding.

Another common cause is VPN software (Norde VPN is a particular perpetrator but others like HideMyIP and CyberGhost can have a similar impact).  Using an incorrect IP address can remove payment options completely or remove options that would otherwise be available to you when using your correct IP address.

We have also seen this happen with some browser plugins installed.  Try disabling all browser plugins and extensions, then restart your browser and try again.

A less likely cause is that Javascript has been disabled in your browser settings. It needs to be enabled for many of the buttons and other site functionality to work correctly. You can check the Javascript settings in your browser here: https://www.enable-javascript.com/.

To narrow down the likely causes, please install a brand new browser (it has to be one you've not installed on your device before).  There are many to choose from but some suggestions include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, Safari.  DO NOT import any bookmarks or settings as this will likely also import any errant plugin!  Sign into our site with the new browser.  If you are able to purchase, then the cause is a browser extension installed in your original browser.  If you still cannot purchase, there is an app running on your PC preventing all browsers from making payment.

If all else fails, try making your first payment on another device.  Once you've registered your payment, all future payments will be automated and won't be blocked by your PC any longer.

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