Payment problems

By far the most common problem we see is bank or card issuers blocking the transaction because it is too unlike your usual day-to-day spending.  Firstly, payments are banked via US for credit cards and Sweden for Paypal so, if you're in another country, your bank might already view that as 'unusual'.  Secondly, it's a subscription payment.  Unless you routinely buy subscriptions overseas, there is a good chance your bank's anti-fraud protection will block the transaction until you contact them to verify that it is you making the purchase.  This nearly always fixes the problem.

If you have used your card with us before but it will no longer work, delete it from our service (if you need assistance with that, please contact our customer support service), then re-add it and complete the form asking your address details.  We never used to ask for full address details but cards now require more verification than they used to.  Re-adding your payment method AND supplying your address with the card details can often be enough to solve the issue.  

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