Processor Declined / Payment Declined

The Processor Declined / Payment Declined error means that for some reason your card issuer (the processor) is not willing and/or able to allow the transaction and has blocked it.  There is no error in the transaction, but your card issuer has stopped it.  We cannot see the exact reason for that, but some reasons could be:

  • The card or bank is not allowing international transactions on your account (most common - The Sims Resource banks in Sweden)
  • The card's anti-fraud protection has kicked in because the transaction is unlike other purchases you typically make.  It is:
    • a subscription
    • it's likely an overseas transaction
    • it's charged in US dollars
  • The entered data (name, address, number etc) is not correct
  • Insufficient funds, or you're close to your limit
  • The card is new and hasn't yet been activated
  • The card has been reported lost or stolen
  • The card has been dormant for a very long time
  • The card issuer has decided for other reasons not to allow the transaction

When this happens:

  1. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 24 hours before requesting another authorization on the same card.  If you don't, the bank will likely put a temporary hold on the card.
  2. Do use your correct address as registered to your card.  We see a lot of fake addresses against failed payments.  This won't work.  We don't use or access address information (it's strictly for payment clearnace) so please use your actual address because many cards won't authorise without it.  
  3. Contact the card issuer.  In every instance, the only body that can say why they declined the payment IS the card issuer (you might need to be insistent - if you would like a screenshot of the error from our system to sned to your card issuer, raise a support ticket with us and we'll send you a copy).  In most cases this problem can be rectified very quickly by the bank marking the transaction as safe.
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