3D Secure enriched payment did not authenticate

This error happens for any payment method that requires additional authentication (perhaps your card issuer has sent a push notification by SMS or emailed a code that is required to authenticate the transaction, but that authentication either didn't complete or the code was incorrect.

When renewing your payment method or starting a new subscription, the form now asks for your billing address.  This address is not stored by us or by our payment service provider.  The address is used purely to authenticate your card with your card issuer, and it's sometimes possible that entering a correct address can do away with the need for extra verification altogether (so we recommend adding your address when using a new card or buying a new subscription). If you're using a card with us that you've used before, contact customer support to ask for it to be removed so that you can add it back with your address details (we never used to authenticate with address details because it never used to be required, whereas nowadays it is).

If this still does not work, you will need to report this error message to your card issuer and ask them how you can use the card.  It's possible they will be able to remove the authentication block for The Sims Resource transactions.

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