Requirements: lots

What to upload:

When uploading a lot, you'll need the following files:

  • trayitem
  • blueprint
  • bpi (usually multiple files)
  • your screenshots

Please don't add any other files or custom content, otherwise your lot will be rejected.

See How to obtain the files for more information on uploading your lot.



  • The size must be 4:3 aspect ratio.  The smallest is 920 x 690 and the largest is 1024 x 768 (recommended)
  • No grid lines (use "Live" mode to avoid this when taking screenshots in-game)
  • Must be PG-13
  • Your main screenshot needs to be outside and from the front of the lot
  • Please provide screenshots inside and outside the lot  
  • Must include day-time shots


  • Include a top-down view of the floor plan
  • screen shots from a slight angle and from street-level view work particularly well

We reject screenshots when:

  • they don't meet all of the 'Essential' requirements above
  • they're poor quality or too dark, or are obscured too much by text or other images
  • they misrepresent the content you're uploading (for example: have been edited in a paint program)
  • they include content not included in the game or in links you've entered in the submission form
  • they contain named and/or known brands (for legal reasons)



  • Mention whether the lot uses custom content or not
  • Mention number of bedrooms
  • Mention if any game-cheats must be enabled for the lot to work as intended


  • Let people know which neighborhood and plot you used to build the lot
  • State the in-game cost of the lot



  • provide links to ALL custom content used in the lot (content is not packaged with lots in Sims 4 so you need to provide the links manually)
  • links must point to the original creator's submission (not a re-uploaded version)

We reject links when:

  • they don't meet the 'Essential" list above
  • they point to file-sharing or adware sites such as Megafile or AdFly 
  • they point to content not freely available to the user (e.g. content locked behind a pay-wall)
  • they're broken

The lot:


  • all floors and rooms must be accessible (stairs, doors etc must be placed)
  • it must be weather-proof (enclosed) or have a thermostat.  Remember that stairs leading from outside direct into a room make the room unenclosed.
  • floors and walls must be decorated
  • unless marked as 'unfurnished', lots must have enough basic facilities for a Sim to exist (e.g. a bed, a bathroom, basic kitchen appliances and seating)
  • all rooms should be freely accessible (Sims should not be able to become stuck)
  • the lot must be useable in official game neighborhoods.  If the lot requires a plot in a neighborhood that is part of an add-on pack, please state that this pack is required.
  • must be a vacant lot.  Do not upload a lot containing Sims.


  • avoid using any copyrighted or branded items in your lot.  We're legally obliged to remove downloads that do.  If your lot uses someone else's item from TSR and that item is copyrighted, there is every chance it will be removed, meaning your lot will now be missing that file.
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