Requirements: Sims

What we accept

We accept Sims based on celebrities provided there is a strong likeness.  We don't tend to accept ordinary (fictional) Sims unless they're particularly well made (ie not just a random Create-a-Sim (CaS) creation).

What to upload:

When uploading a Sim, first ensure that only the Sim you wish to upload is in the household in your game.  Remove all other Sims.  After saving your household to the gallery, add the following files to a zip file:

  • householdbinary
  • trayitem
  • sgi
  • hhi (usually 2x)
  • your screenshots

Please don't add any other files or custom content, otherwise your room will be rejected.

Please see How to obtain the files for more information on creating and finding the files to upload your Sim.



  • The size must be 4:3 aspect ratio.  The smallest is 920 x 690 and the largest is 1024 x 768 (recommended)
  • Provide a good quality in-game picture of your Sim (not a CaS screen version)
  • For celebrity Sims, we cannot use actual photos for legal reasons 
  • Provide an additional close-up of the Sim's face
  • No grid lines (use "Live" mode to avoid this when taking screenshots in-game)
  • Must be PG-13 
  • Must not be overly Photoshopped

We reject screenshots when:

  • they don't meet all of the 'Essential' requirements above
  • they're poor quality or too dark, or are obscured too much by text or other images
  • they misrepresent the content you're uploading (for example: have been edited in a paint program)
  • they include content not included in the official game or in links you've entered in the submission form
  • they contain named and/or known brands (for legal reasons)



  • Mention whether the Sim uses custom content or not


  • Mention some of the personality traits of your Sim (you can tick these in the Categories & Attributes section of the upload form)



  • provide links to ALL third-party custom content used in your Sim (content is not packaged with Sims in Sims 4 so you need to provide the links manually).  
  • links must point to the original creator's file (not a re-uploaded version)

We reject links when:

  • they don't meet the 'Essential" list above
  • they point to file-sharing or adware sites such as Megafile or AdFly 
  • they point to content not freely available to the user (e.g. content locked behind a pay-wall)
  • they're broken

The Sim:


  • must be PG-13


  • avoid using any copyrighted or branded items in your Sim.  We're legally obliged to remove downloads that do.  If your Sim uses someone else's item from TSR and that item is copyrighted, there is every chance it will be removed, meaning your Sim will now be missing that file.
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