Requirements: CaS (clothing, hair, makeup, accessories etc)

What to upload:

When uploading a CaS (Create-a-Sim) item - that is, anything that can be added to a Sim or Pet, make sure to include

  • the package file(s)
  • your screenshots



  • The size must be 4:3 aspect ratio.  The smallest is 920 x 690 and the largest is 1024 x 768 (recommended)
  • No grid lines (use "Live" mode to avoid this when taking screenshots in-game)
  • Must be PG-13
  • Your main screenshot needs to show the creation as it appears in the game

We reject screenshots when:

  • they don't meet all of the 'Essential' requirements above
  • they're poor quality or too dark, or are obscured too much by text or other images
  • they misrepresent the content you're uploading (for example: have been edited in a paint program)
  • they include content not included in the game or in links you've entered in the submission form
  • they contain named and/or known brands (for legal reasons)



  • Mention gender and age ranges the content will work on (this can be done by selecting matching tags in the submission form)
  • Mention if any game-cheats or sliders must be used for the content to work as intended



  • provide links to ALL additional content (example: original creator's mesh) if that content is not part of the game
  • links must point to the original creator's upload (not a re-uploaded version)

We reject links when:

  • they don't meet the 'Essential" list above
  • they point to file-sharing or adware sites such as Megafile or AdFly 
  • they point to content not freely available to the user (e.g. content locked behind a pay-wall)
  • they're broken

The content:


  • must be within polycount limits (meshes)
  • must be textured seamlessly (meshes and retextures)
  • any textures present in the content must be updated as needed to match your design changes (normal map, specular map, shadow map, etc)
  • must have swatch colors and color tags set correctly (no using gray for every swatch, for example)


  • avoid using any copyrighted or branded items in your sim.  We're legally obliged to remove downloads that do.  If your sim uses someone else's item from TSR and that item is copyrighted, there is every chance it will be removed, meaning your sim will now be missing that file.
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