Troubleshooting "Failed to get file"

If you see in the CC Manager's REPORT A BUG log that the CC Manager cannot find some of its archived files, it is searching for archives it has made previously in your TSRLibrary folder (this folder is found inside Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods`).  You might also have red error messages about missing packages. 

This most typically happens when installing a new version of the CC Manager over an older version.  The new version might have the correct game directory path, but the older install did not and now you have many files missing.  It can also happen very easily if you ever move any of the TSRDownloads or TSRLibrary's files around.  It's best to leave these alone unless advised by someone in Support to remove them.

WARNING: NEVER use 'conflict finding' tools after switching to the CC Manager for your content.  If you do, these tools will break the archives being created and managed by the CC Manager which also causes this issue.  Any tool that attempts to tamper with your CC Manager downloads will break the content archives, the CC Manager and, potentially, your game.  If you need to run such a tool, please uninstall ALL CC Manager content (both enabled and disabled) shown on the LIBRARY tab before doing so, OR make sure you only run it on specific folders inside your MODS folder but not the TSRLibrary folder.  

Follow these steps in order until one of them works (ie if Step 1 works, there is no need to continue with Step 2)...

1. Search for a second TSRLibrary folder

IMPORTANT!  Please be thorough with this step!  Failure to do so will cause your game to crash! 

In your game directory, you should have a MODS folder, and inside that a TSRLibrary folder (e.g Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/TSRLibrary).  This is the correct folder.  You now need to search for any dupicate folder anywhere in your Sims 3/4 game directory.  Use your computer's SEARCH to look for duplicates in any sub-folders.  There should only be ONE TSRLibrary folder...

If you find a duplicate, move it outside your The Sims directory so that it cannot be read by the game.  If it isn't empty, try transferring its files to the correct TSRLibrary folder as this might be enough to fix your missing packages.  

Also click SETTINGS and check that your game path only reads Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and not Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.

2. Manually reinstall the missing files

If you're still left with red warning messages and missing files in your log, the files are well and truly gone and so it's time to find out what files they are so you can reinstall then from the site and get rid of the error messages...

  1. With the TSR CC Manager showing DISABLED files only, go to the LIBRARY tab and UNINSTALL every creation listed as disabled.  You won't lose them (they're just moved back to the DOWNLOADS tab).  This should clear the error messages.
  2. Now try installing the files afresh from the DOWNLOADS tab.  Ensure they show as ENABLED on the LIBRARY tab.
  3. If you cannot install from the DOWNLOADS tab, try reacquiring the missing (disabled) files from the site.  You can do this from your Download History if the CC Manager doesn't link direct.

Hopefully, your CC Manager and its content will now be fixed.  If however you are unfortunate enough to find your game won't start, it could be that one of the files is faulty.  Please see What to do if your game won't start.  If your game still has disabled content after following the above steps, something is totally broken in one of your archive files and you will need to reset the CC Manager.

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