Troubleshooting a downloads archive

If you're receiving errors in your TSR CC Manager log about archives (click SETTINGS and click REPORT A BUG to see your log) then this article should help. 

1. Back up first

Before you begin, always back up of the following folders.  Close both the CC Manager and your game before doing this:

  • Documents\Electronic Arts\TSRCCManager
  • Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4/Mods\TSRLibrary
  • The TSR applications folder lusually located on your C drive
    • Windows: C:\Users\[your-windows-username]\AppData\Roaming\TSR CC Manager
    • Mac OS: Library\Applications\TSR CC Manager

2. Uninstall all CC Manager content

Uninstalling will not delete your content; it will simply remove it from your game and out of the Library folder (the archives), and back to the Downloads tab.

  • Go to the CC Manager's LIBRARY tab and tick both ENABLED and DISABLED files
  • Click UNINSTALL for everything (leave nothing behind - this is very important)

3. Clear out the TSRLibrary folder

Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\TSRLibrary and empty everything left behind in there.  Mostly, there will be 1Kb archive files which will be empty.  Anything bigger will contain lost and/or faulty content the CC Manager was not able to manage, and so should also be deleted.

4. Reinstall your downloads

  • Now go to the CC Manager's DOWNLOADS tab to reinstall your files
  • If you have many files, we recommend you install in small batches and test that your game will start periodically
  • If you were having a problem with specific files but you don't know which content it was, just install a few at a time and test your game in between - keep repeating this until your game fails.  

5. If your game fails after reinstalling

If your game fails, the faulting file will be one of those in the last batch of files you installed since the game last started successfully.

  • On the LIBRARY tab, DISABLE those files you installed in the last batch
  • Now untick DISABLED at the top  so only enabled files are showing.
  • Uninstall all enabled files.
  • Once you have 0 enabled files, display all your disabled files again.  
  • Enable 1 file only and start your game
  • Keep doing this until the game failes.  The last file you enabled will be the faulting file which you will need to remove completely.

6. Help us to help the community

If you do uncover a faulty file, before you uninstall it, click the item in CC Manager, then click on the View on TSR link.  On the page there will be a REPORT option - please report the file and our Submissions Team will investigate it and, if a fault is found, work with the artist to have the file repaired or removed.

If you already know which archive contains a bad file...

If you aready know which archive file in your TSRLibrary folder is causing an issue, we can make troubleshooting it much, much quicker...

  1. Go to the TSRLibrary folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4/Mods\TSRLibrary)
  2. Move all archive files out of that folder to somewhere safe except the archive you think is causing the problem
  3. Your installed content (on the LIBRARY tab) will now only show the content of that remaining archive.
  4. You can now try removing a couple of files at a time back to the DOWNLOADS tab by uninstalling them, and then checking your game (make a note of them so you know which files you deleted).
  5. As soon as your game starts, the bad file was in the last files you uninstalled.
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