Meshes and recolors (retextures) - what are they?

Meshes vs recolors (retextures)

So you've seen the words 'mesh' or 'recolor' appearing in our download pages?  Here's what these terms mean...

A mesh is a 3D model made up of complex triangles (polygons) to make the shape.  When meshes are made into Sims content, they're added to a package file along with some textures (often called recolors or retextures) that apply paint to the model (like wrapping paper, the texture 'wraps' around the model).  Content in most games works this way.  To work in The Sims, content needs both a mesh and at least one recolor option.  Some meshes already exist in the game and creators just upload new color versions for them.  Other creators make complete new content (a new mesh as well as texture).  Meshes and textures will usually be in the same single package.  

When downloading, all you need to do is check the required items.  If what you're downloading needs a mesh that's not included, you will be given a link to where you can obtain the mesh.

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TSR Custom Content Manager

If all this sounds like a bit too much hassle, for the price of a cup of coffee once every month, you could join our VIP supporter program.  Your money will be used to pay our top artists and in return we'll give you access to premium features such as our TSR Custom Content Manager.  The CC Manager not only installs all your content in the correct place, it will also download all other needed meshes and other content for your creation to work*.  On top of that, if the creator updates their work, you will be notified and the updates installed automatically.

* this feature tends only to work for content released from October 2020.  Older content might not support this feature so always make a habit of checking the creator's named required items.

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