Is TSR safe?

TSR is the safest place for downloading!  Here's why

1. We check our content!

Unlike other sites, we check the files we host.  We have a testing team on staff who check that:

  • downloads work as they should in-game
  • downloads are safe to use
  • downloads do not exceed EA's standards for polygon counts
  • downloads don't contain oversized textures that slow down your game
  • downloads don't contain malware or harmful scripts
  • downloads are PG13-friendly
  • downloads look exactly in game as in the screenshot

From time to time, Electronic Arts releases a game update that breaks content!  It's inevitable really.  What we do:

  • we perform a batch-fix to update all affected content on our servers
  • we add a fixing tool in TSR Workshop so that you able to perform the fix to your own content
  • if you're VIP and use TSR CC Manager, you will be alerted to content updates which will be downloaded automatically

If anything DOES stop working correctly, we have a robust reporting procedure where we'll test and take down any content that no longer works as it should.

2. We have a fully staffed support team ready to help you 24/7

Our team members are all huge Sims fans (and content creators) who endeavour to reply to all queries within a few hours.  They're a dedicated bunch who will help, no matter whether you purchased something by mistake, lost your account, having problems with downloads or for absolutely anything else related to The Sims or our site!

3. Adverts and quality assurance

Like many sites, we depend heavily on advertising revenue so people can use the site for free.  The only other option would be to make everyone subscribe - something we don't want to do.  As a result, adverts are here to stay.  However, we choose our advertising partners carefully.

Our standards for site adverts are that they're:

  • PG13-friendly
  • safe (no malware)
  • not intrusive (don't obscure site functionality)

If you ever see an advert that falls short of these standards, please report it to us with links and screenshots.  We can then contact the advertising partner direct to address the problem.

4. Your safety first

For site content such as user blogs, we moderate their content.  We have protection in place to ensure off-site parties cannot use TSR for inappropriate and unrelated content, and we have a 'report' option for comments and guest book entries.

For purchases...

  • We use a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant service recognized on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers to manage and take payment for subscriptions (we hold none of this data ourselves)
  • You can cancel at any time in your account settings
  • if you bought the wrong plan, bought multiple plans in error or you bought a plan that you haven't used and you no longer want, we will refund you in full.  Simply contact us.  
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